Welcome to our RECIPES! You can select a category (e.g. chicken/poultry) for the types of recipes you’d like to view, OR, just take a ‘stroll’ through our pages and enjoy! Many of these wonderful dishes were shared with us by our customers! If you have a recipe and would like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you!

Please note that our recipes are a mix, (e.g. some are gluten free and some are not, some are Dairy Free and some are not.) We strive to clearly indicate which recipe ingredients are compatible with various diet considerations. However, YOU need to read the ingredients to be sure they meet the dietary requirements of you or of those in your care…you are ultimately responsible. We’re just here to support you if we can!


Shannon’s Sassy Green Beans & Mushrooms

This is a great recipe shared with me by my sister in law! She's a terrific cook!

Mushroom, Asparagus & Zucchini Soup

Fast, healthy and delicious for winter days!

HCG Greek Chicken Broth Soup

A lovely and warm vegetable chicken soup for cold winter days!

Debbie’s French Corn

THANKS to Debbi A. for sharing this simple and yummy recipe with us.

Tom’s Terrific Greek Steak

A big THANKS to Tom for sharing his recipe with!!! This couldn't be easier or any more delicious!

‘To Die For’ Spiraled Peppers & Squash with Mushrooms

Asian Chicken with Noodles

Here's a satisfying Asian dish that's delicious; mild OR spicy! Enjoy it while on the HCG Protocol too!

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